About Us

Majujaya Indah Sdn Bhd was registered with registrar of company since 1986. The company has been in operation more than 30 years until today.

The company started with a humble beginning of owning one unit of “KOMORI” single color four-fold offset printing machine, manually operated paper cutter (china-made) and some basic facilities and gradually to the current status, the process experiences various stages of hardworking and perseverance.

Our business motto is “Customer First, Quality, Assurance, Competitive Pricing and Timely Delivery”.

We specialist in the printing of Newspaper, Magazine, Various type of Books, including Novels, Educational Materials for school and colleges. Our specialisation also extend to the printing service for Buddhism Books (normal cover, hard cover and special finish made to order).

In conclusion, we are Professional, Specialised, Reliable and always at your service.